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    Steven Sumner

    Steven is the charming and carefree, self-proclaimed oddball of the Sumner family. Sporting his trademark Mohawk, he's a true sight to behold. He's also funny, smart and a complete original: a down-to-earth family man with the free spirit of a child.

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    Gran-Pa Biff Sumner, Jr.

    One of Kentucky's Grand Old Men when it comes to rifles, pistols and machine guns, Gran-pa stands tall in the region, even though every person around him is a few feet higher.

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    Kenny Sumner

    Kenny is the official “boss” at KCR, even though Biff still calls many of the shots – and even though his son, Chad, and brother, Steven, often try to pull rank. Kenny is the quintessential “Good Cop” of the range; levelheaded, calm and smiling to all.

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    Chad Sumner

    Handsome, young and filled with gun knowledge, Chad is addicted to shooting – and of course, like all Sumners, he's darn good at it. A cross between his down-to-Earth father, Kenny, and his unpredictable uncle, Steven, Chad is also a devoted husband and father.

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    Stephanie Sumner

    Mature, organized and grounded, Stephanie is a blond country girl who suffers the taunts and teases of her cousin, Chad, the indignities of her dad grilling her boyfriends and she'll loudly tell you that her head hurts from the stupid things spoken by her brother, Payton.

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    Payton Sumner

    Payton is the kind of teen that makes fathers blow their stack; easygoing Steven often pops a gasket thanks to Payton. On some days, Payton considers hanging with his buddies, and shooting a few rifles to be a busy day.

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