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Edwin Evers

Edwin Evers

From Edwin: "I've got a beautiful wife and healthy kids – and they lend me their unparalleled support. God's given me the opportunity to pursue my lifelong dream. A dream that started as a boy growing up in Texas, and grew stronger as I attended college near Lake Texoma, Oklahoma. I take my profession very seriously, and as my old college football coaches would attest, I'm a very competitive person. But along with the competition comes heaps of humility, occasional victories and my unending desire to never stop learning. I want to offer you a heartfelt personal thanks for visiting my site and the links to my sponsors' pages. Without a great family, the best sponsors in the industry – and YOU the fans – this childhood dream I live each day would have never have been a reality."

Hometown: Talala, Oklahoma

Family: Tuesday (wife) Kylee (daughter) Kade (son)

Angling Heros:

  • Rick Clunn - "He's just a master. I respect him a great deal, and guys like him have paved the way for us."
  • Mark Davis - "He's just a great guy, a great role model, and he can catch them."

Favorite Lakes: Sam Rayburn (TX), Toledo Bend (TX/LA), Lake Amistad (TX) - "They're chock full of bass."

Least Favorite Lake: "Any natural Florida lake, particularly Toho and Kissimmee."

Favorite Technique: Chunking a spinnerbait

Primary Fishing Strength: Versatility

Secondary Fishing Strength: Shallow power fishing

Biggest Weakness: Being too stubborn

Boat: Nitro Z9

Motor: Mercury