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Beans provide a very high source of protein for deer during the summer which directly contributes to antler growth and fawn development. (Jeremy Flinn photo) News

Beans or Corn: The Best Summer Planting for Deer

Though not nearly as popular as planting fall food plots for deer, planting summer plots is becoming more prevalent in the deer management community. Read More

  • Recipe

    Venison Cheese Tortellini Bake (Recipe)

    A flavorful wild game recipe that is easy to prepare and includes ground venison, cheese tortellini, petite diced tomatoes and three types of cheeses melted to a golden brown. Read More

  • Story

    A Buck and Doe Pair

    Once in a while it makes sense to mount some type of a drive when hunting white-tailed deer in Missouri, especially if they aren't moving much and you have all the right conditions. Read More


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