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Featured From Ram Trucks Presents Deer Camp

The author describes this area appropriately named “Buck Ridge” as a mecca for bucks during the pre-rut. Year after year bucks will visit scrapes along the old logging road (Jeremy Flinn photo) HowTo

Ten Factors to Ponder When Choosing Pre-Rut Hunting Stands

Deer season is a series of highs and lows. Intense activity one day, then ghostly silence the next. The weeks leading up to the rut, can be an amazingly successful time to be in the woods. Read More

  • HowTo

    Strategies for Big, Aggressive Bucks

    Bucks have egos? Absolutely! Ever seen a buck with their back hair raised up, ears laid back and walking stiff-legged? Though these “tough guys” might think they own the place, but the fact is they might be some of the most vulnerable and easy to take this hunting season. Read More

  • News

    Postponed Due to Pain

    Gerald Swindle might have set some sort of unofficial Guinness Book of World's Record mark: Highest fall from a treestand and lived to tell about it – Gerald Swindle, Warrior, Ala., 22 feet. Read More


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