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David Morris

David Morris

David Morris grew up hunting and fishing in South Alabama. His love for the outdoors led him to get a master's degree in biology from Auburn University. In 1976, David and his partners founded Game and Fish Publications and ultimately grew the company to include 33 state and regional hunting and fishing magazines covering all Lower 48 states.

In 1982, North American Whitetail, the nation's premier deer0only magazine, was added to its stable of publications. David is an accomplished author who has published several books on hunting trophy whitetails, and his articles have appeared in several magazines. David has a passion for big whitetails and has hunted them successfully throughout North America and has amassed on of the largest collections of personally harvested trophy whitetails in the country.

In 2000, David joined forces with food plot pioneer Dr. Gary Schwarz to form Tecomate Wildlife Systems, a company literally forced into existence by the big bucks Gary and David were growing. Tecomate has grown to be one of the nation's largest suppliers of wildlife management services and products, including the famous food-plot planting machine, the Plotmaster, and helps managers and hunters throughout the country realize their deer hunting dreams. The success of the Tecomate Food Plot System and El Cazador Ranch has given David the opportunity to be a regular on many outdoor TV show, including Realtree Outdoors, The Managemment Advantage, Gander Mountain's “We Live Outdoors,” The World of Hunting and many others.

Though David loves hunting, and the outdoor business, these are not the most important things in his life. His personal relationship with his Lord Jesus Christ holds that place along with his love of his wonderful wife Debra and his three daughters, who all share his passion for the outdoors.