Backcountry Rescue

See bone-crushing avalanches taking down skiers, wild grizzly bears mauling hikers and kayakers pinned under boulders in a rushing river. These people would never get out alive without the help of a fearless team of men and women, ready to deploy to save them.


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Jim Shockey: The Most Interesting Hunter in the World?

Outdoor Channel's Jim Shockey is at remarkable ease in nearly any job description presented to him, from being a social media live-streaming host to traveling to dangerous corners of the world to hunt big game to the prospect of being a doting grandpa.

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Carter's W.AR.
Presented by Nosler

Friday 7P ET
Investigating a string of murdered lions, Ivan gets to the very heart of an ancient conflict between humans and lions. The outcome will test Ivan's own core values about cultural perspective and conservation.

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Savage MSR 10 Hunter Rifle

Savage engages the hunting market with a lighter, fast-handling AR-10 with all the right bells and whistles hunters look for in a modern sporting rifle.

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