Country Fridays

Legends live here. Outdoor Channel presents Big Country Fridays, featuring the best of Hollywood, Nashville — and the outdoors.


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3 Venison Tenderloin Recipes from Outdoor Channel Stars

Considered the filet mignon of the hunting world, venison tenderloins are usually the first cuts consumed following a deer harvest; next time you're ready to cook up a batch, give one of these delicious recipes a try.

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Gun Stories Presented by MidwayUSA

Wednesday 8P ET
Get a behind the scenes look at Gun Stories Presented by MidwayUSA.

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4 Keys to Hunting the Secondary Rut for Big Bucks

If you miss a buck opportunity during the heavy November whitetail rut and have a tag burning a hole in your pocket, don't forget about the second wave of breeding activity in December.

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