Matt Drury gets a little closer to catching a buck at his lease, and Mark Drury is after the largest buck on his Iowa farm.


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3 of the Best Black Bear Kitchen-Ready Recipe Ideas

While black bear meat is a wild cut not every hunter is familiar with, the species can actually provide some good eating when properly cared for, thoroughly cooked and used in a good recipe to bring out the best flavor.

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Friday Night at the Movies

Hombre: 8p ET
Paul Newman stars as John Russell. Disdained by his "respectable" fellow stagecoach passengers because he was raised by Indians, John becomes their only hope for survival when they come across outlaws.


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Offseason Tips for Mule Deer Buck Bowhunting Success

Do big mule deer bucks haunt your bowhunting dreams? From securing a tag to perfecting archery skills to finding a worthy buck to wear a tag, there are several steps bowhunter can take during the offseason to up their odds for success.

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