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Shawn Michaels' MacMillan River Adventure
Tuesday 11:30p ET
Squirreling Around
Team MRA competes in the inaugural Squirrel Master Classic with a host of … See More
The Gunfather
Wednesday 8p ET
Fathers & Sons
Passing along tradition is big in the gun world. Lou comes to grips with his own father-son relationships as he creates the … See More
Jim Shockey's UNCHARTED
Friday 7:30p ET
Ancient Ones
Jim and Corey's Arctic adventure starts with muskox, an animal practically forgotten since pre-historic times … See More
Fight to Survive
Saturday 1:30p ET
Lost at Sea Part 2
Facing starvation, dehydration and predators from the deep, sailor Steven Callahan fights to survive not only the physical … See More

Outdoor Interests

Out There Fishing
Catching Convicts
Some say the sheepshead is the saltwater equivalent of a master pickpocket. When a fisherman presents his bait, this black-banded cousin of the porgy comes up and steals it, nibbling it off the hook like a kid eating a … Read More
Elk Parmesan with Zucchini, Leeks
This easy-to-make recipe contains tender elk medallions covered in marina sauce and fresh melted mozzarella cheese on a bed of garden zucchini ribbons and sweet leeks, topped with fresh chopped chives and basil … Read More
Deer Camp
Bull's-Eye On Tradition
Faron Teague runs Indian Trail Archery and Guns, and he and his band of "loafers," were just sitting around the shop shooting the breeze five years ago when they came up with an idea to give youngsters a fuller hunting … Read More
Hunting How-To
How to Take a Good Trophy Picture
You've just harvested a buck of a lifetime and now you have the chance to capture the moment for all of your friends and family to see. Don't blow it with amateur photography. Follow these tips to take better field photos … Read More
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