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MidwayUSA's Gun Stories
Wednesday 8p ET
Guns of Little Big Horn, Part 1
Hosted by actor and gun enthusiast Joe Mantegna, Gun Stories takes viewers through a firearm's history, from the heart … See More
Ted Nugent Podcast
Online Exclusive
Ted + Hunting = Happiness
Each week, Ted discusses current events about hunting, 2nd Amendment, firearms, archery, cooking and any other topics Ted … See More
Shawn Michaels' MacMillan River Adventure
Tuesday 11:30p ET
Squirreling Around
Shawn and the crew grab some air rifles and join the first Squirrel Master … See More
Hank Parker's Flesh & Blood
Tuesday 7:30 PM ET
The Kansas Rut
Chris Dorsey visits the lush jungles and open plains of Cameroon in pursuit of eland and hartebeest. Then it's a hunt right … See More

Outdoor Interests

Buckmasters: Story
Hunter Hotline
Prior to last November, Derek Thompson had pretty much convinced himself that seeing or shooting a big buck wasn't going to happen where he hunts in Ross … Read More
Out There Fishing with Keith "Catfish" Sutton
Nasty, mean, killing things lurk everywhere in the jungles of South America. There are blackflies, for example, that can give you onchocerciasis - river blindness … Read More
Crawfish Pie
Crawfish Pie is a great way to get folks to try them little mud bugs from Louisiana. No peelin' and pinchin'. Just go to the store and buy some crawfish tail meat and whip this up … Read More
Short Stories by Larry Potterfield
Moose in the Bush
The Alaska moose (a.k.a. Alaska-Yukon moose) is the largest big-game animal in North America. They are very interesting to hunt, and as a bonus, they live in some of the most remote and beautiful places you will ever see … Read More
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