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Shawn Michaels' MRA
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Tuesdays 10p ET
October Lull
The October Lull can get you down in Phase Three, but Mark and Terry show you exactly what to do when the deer aren't moving … See More
Shawn Michaels' MRA
Tuesdays 11:30p
The Legend of Curly
See how Shawn takes down the hardest opponent he has ever come across! It wasn't easy nor done in one season … See More
Jim Shockey's UNCHARTED
Wednesdays 7p ET
End Game
Jim and Corey split up to and search for buffalo. Jim, unable to reach Corey by radio, hears several shots from his direction … See More
MidwayUSA's Gun Stories
Wednesday 8p & 11:30p ET
Lee Enfield
The Germans entered WWI with the Mowser, hunting rifle while the British entered WWI with the Enfield, hunting rifle … See More

Outdoor Interests

Fishing Gear
Z-Launch: Watercraft Launch Cord
By using the Z-Launch cord you will never have to climb on your vehicle or trailer, get into the craft and back it off the trailer again! …See More
Hunting Gear
HOYT's Carbon Spyder Series
The all-new Carbon Spyder series features the first ever HOYT carbon 30-inch bow for exceptionally compact, lightweight, stealthy maneuverability … Read More
Shooting Tips
The 3 Rules Of Off Body Carry
Off Body Carry requires certain things to be in place from the individuals who are going to use it. … Read More
BOTE's Stand-up Paddle Boards
As pioneers of the SUP fishing industry, BOTE wouldn't miss the chance to showcase our latest and greatest … Read More
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