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Why Folks Buy First Gun
A recent study commissioned by the National Shooting Sports Foundation was done to help determine the motivations for the first firearm purchase and how these firearms are being used. The online research was conducted in March — April 2013.
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What's the Best Gun for Self Defense?
You absolutely must be keeping up with the 1911 threads on Modern Service Weapons and elsewhere. It's all pretty funny and is entertaining reading.
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Raising Cane on the Delta
In Southern parlance, stating that someone is "raising cane" typically refers to a caustic, ill-tempered behavior. That's no less applicable in Louisiana's Mississippi Delta region, but the cane you find there is more likely to evoke gleeful contentment from anglers.
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Tiny Catfish Population Hangs On in Kansas
At just 3 inches long, the Neosho madtom (Noturus placidus) is hard to find. Today, these small catfish are extremely scarce—just four populations remain in the wild.
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