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Labonte's Naked Pit Stop
Bobby Labonte is accustomed to speeding around asphalt at about 215 miles per hour. In those trips, he's always making a left turn. On a Georgia turkey hunt, he found out he needs to stick to left turns. A short right turn, mixed in with a little bottomland mud, left him stuck and spinning in the mire.
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Gun Safe in Kid's Room
A personal defense trainer takes heat after he advised homeowners to place a gun safe in their child's room. Rob Pincus held a "Home Defense Concepts" seminar at the NRA Convention. While he admitted there are definite emotions behind it, a quick-access gun safe in a child's bedroom makes sense.
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If Mama Ain't Happy …
If you're reading this and still have no idea what to get for that woman who brought you into this world, trust this: You're in the wrong place, and we know you're not interested in going to the right one. So stay, we understand and we're here to help!
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Home Given Away at NRA
In recognition of the sacrifices made by the men and women of the United States Armed Forces and their continued efforts protect the way of life enjoyed by Americans throughout the generations, Daniel Defense was honored to present a combat veteran and his family with the gift of a mortgage-free home.
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