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Charlie Ingram

Charlie Ingram

With over 35 years experience as a professional angler, Charlie Ingram is a fixture in every bass tournament trail in America.

Charlie Ingram, bass pro and show host for "Fishing University", met former President George Bush at a BASS Classic event where the president promptly ask him to take him fishing. Current President George W. Bush "came along for the ride - and Jr. enjoys fishing more than Sr. does," Ingram related. The President got a hook in his finger and struggled to get it out. "I will never forget," Ingram recalled. "I didn't want the Secret Service to know because they'd pull him off the boat. It was during the Gulf War and you can bet they were keeping a close eye on him."

During the outing which was being filmed for his TV show, "Fishing University", he caught the largest bass he ever caught, weighing in at 12 pounds! "I didn't mean to show up the President - it just happened!", Ingram concluded.

In the history of BASS, only 11 pros have posted back-to-back victories - Bill Dance, Roland Martin, Charlie Ingram, John Powell, Gary Klein, Jim Bitter, Mike McClelland, Denny Brauer, Shaw Grigsby, Dean Rojas and Davy Hite. Charlie has posted four BASS wins, two FLW championships, and has fished in eight BASSMASTER Classics.

He is a professional speaker featured at workshops, seminars, hunting and fishing events and has appeared in major publications including FLW Outdoors, Outdoor Life, BASS, North American Fisherman, Bassmaster, Fishing Facts, and Bassin'. He was inducted into the "Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame" in 2010 and serves on the Board of Directors for the PAA.

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