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    Allen Treadwell

    Allen Treadwell is a decorated award-winning Sportsman who currently co-hosts a slew of shows on Outdoor Channel including, "Bass Pro Shops King Of Bucks", "Winchester Legends", "Bass Pro Shops 100% Real Hunting" and "Winchester Rack Masters".

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    Angie Ryan

    Angie Ryan is fairly new to the world of hunting, but her love and dedication to the sport has put hear ahead of the game, garnering several major species across North America. She currently co-hosts "Bass Pro Shops 100% Real Hunting" only on Outdoor Channel.

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    Bob Foulkrod

    Bob Foulkrod is a chief instructor at Bob Foulkrod/Golden Eagle Bowhunting School in his hometown of Troy, PA. A man of many seasons, Foulkrod is a consummate professional who eats, lives and breathes the sport of hunting!

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    Brenda Valentine

    Brenda Valentine is an award-winning author, photographer, speaker, television and video personality, but also is an accomplished hunter with a genuine love for nature.

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    Jerry Martin

    Inducted into the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame, Jerry Martin has had a long career as an all-around outdoorsman, pioneering accomplishments of ethical hunting, combining a lifetime of expertise that culminates as host of "Bass Pro Shops King Of Bucks."

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    Jim Ryan

    Jim Ryan has been hunting big game since age 9 and has successfully hunted every North American big game species since then. Jim currently co-hosts "Bass Pro Shops 100% Real Hunting" on Outdoor Channel.

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    Rob Keck

    Rob Keck is Director of Conservation for Bass Pro Shops and is a member of their RedHead Pro Hunting Team. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of the Wonders of Wildlife Museum in Springfield, Missouri.

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    Walter Parrott

    Walter Parrott is an all-around hunter with some big game trophies under his belt. But, Walter is considered one of the greatest turkey callers and the only person ever to win every major turkey calling championship in the United States.

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