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The President's Guns on President Day - courtesy of the NRA Museum

Shotguns and pistols from Eisenhower, Cleveland and Roosevelt

By: Lars Dalseide,


Fairfax, Virginia - It wasn't always Presidents Day.

In fact, up until the 1980s, only two of the four presidential birthdays that fell in February were celebrated with any great regularity (more on that below). Unfortunately, we don't have any of their firearms on display at the National Firearms Museum ... but we do have a few others.

First on the list, and atop the page, is the Model 21 Shotgun owned by President Dwight David Eisenhower. Presented to the President by the President of Coca-Cola, this side-by-side .20 gauge comes personalized with Ike's initials and five stars.

President Teddy Roosevelt's Fabrique Nationale Model 1900 Semi Automatic Pistol

Next we have a piece from President Theodore Roosevelt.

Now regular readers should remember that we have highlighted a number of items from Teddy's personal collection including Rough Rider gear, souvenirs from his African safari and a smattering of rifles. This, however, is something different.

With a tight English scroll engraving and mother of pearl grips, this .32 APC by Fabrique Nationale Model is what President Roosevelt held in the nightstand beside his bed. Beauty and security.

President Grover Cleveland's 8 Gauge Colt Shotgun

Finally we arrived at Grover's Shotgun.

"A totally unique piece, it's the only 8 gauge that Colt ever," Museum Director Jim Supica tells us. "A very big gun owned by a very big man."

Cleveland's claim to fame? The heaviest president on record and the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms. Two 'accomplishments' we're likely to never see again.

The other two February born Presidents? William Henry Harrison and Ronald Reagan. A President with the shortest term on record and a President who passed less then a decade ago. Perhaps, in time, we will come to recognize their achievements as well during this national holiday. Until then, enjoy your Presidents Day.

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