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Review: Chiappa Triple Shotgun

If you are looking for a unique shotgun, then the Chiappa Triple shotgun may be right for you

The Chiappa Triple Shotgun is unique with its three barrels. (Photo courtesy of Down Range TV) The Chiappa Triple Shotgun is unique with its three barrels. (Photo courtesy of Down Range TV)

By: Ed Head

The Chiappa triple-barrel shotgun may be the ultimate “Get off my lawn” or burglar deterrent. After all, what could be more intimidating than looking down the barrel, make that the barrels, of a triple-barreled 12 gauge shotgun?

A couple of years ago Michael Bane, American Rifleman editor Mark Keefe and I had a great time shooting a new triple-barreled shotgun from Chiappa. We passed it back and forth, fired three quick shots and laughed our butts off. This gun is pure fun. At the time I couldn’t figure out what anyone would do with such a gun, other than have fun shooting it, but time passed and low and behold, Chiappa came out with a tactical version and the hook was set. Reeled in to the Chiappa booth at SHOT I beheld a short-barreled, black stocked, menacing looking triple barrel with not one, but two Picatinny rails. I put in an order and waited in eager anticipation. Eventually the gun showed up but I put off writing because I still couldn’t figure out what it was for. After all, a semi-auto shotgun can be fired just as fast, maybe faster, and pumps and semis hold more ammunition. Eventually it came to me: Looking down the business end of a triple barreled 12 gauge shotgun is the definition of intimidation. This is the king of all “get off my lawn” guns!

The origins of this gun are a bit confusing as well. Marked as the Chiappa Triple Threat it has a big sticker running down one of the barrels announcing it is a Charles Daly brand. The gun itself is inscribed with the legend “Chiappa USA Ltd, Dayton OH, Akkar – Turkey”. The black butt stock and forend are plastic with impressed checkering and there is a thin, hard rubber recoil pad. The barrels are 18.5 inches long, the length of pull is 14.5 inches and the overall length is 36 inches. There is a 7-inch long Picatinny rail atop the top barrel and a 4-inch rail resides between the two lower barrels ahead of the forend. Front and rear sling swivel mounts are included and the safety is a two-position tang mounted style that has to be manually set to “S” for safe. The barrels are finished in matte black and the only color on the gun is the red fiber optic front sight. The gun weighs 7 pounds, 13 ounces empty and the balance is decidedly forward, what with a light, hollow plastic stock and three barrels hanging out front. If you’re looking for a serial number it is inscribed under the top lever and can be seen when the lever is pushed left to right to open the action. The gun has an automatic extractor so hulls are lifted up to be plucked out but not ejected. I would like the gun better if the length of pull was shorter – 14.5 inches is ridiculous – and the recoil pad was softer. Unfortunately, there is no easy fix, as a hollow plastic stock doesn’t lend itself to shortening and installing a new pad.

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