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Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Officer-Style Model

Flat, light and easy to conceal, I'd recommend the Ruger SR1911 to any man, woman or beginner shooter

The SR1911 Lightweight Officer-Style Model by Ruger (Photo Courtesy of Down Range TV) The SR1911 Lightweight Officer-Style Model by Ruger (Photo Courtesy of Down Range TV)

By: Ed Head

Have you wondered what’s going on at Ruger? While other firearms manufacturers are cutting back, drowning in debt and struggling Ruger has surged ahead to become the number one firearms manufacturer in the country, easily selling some two million guns a year. One of the many keys to their success is their corporate philosophy that new products drive sales. If you have been paying attention in recent weeks you may have noticed Ruger has introduced dozens of new models with many more to come. One new model is the SR1911 “Officers style” 9mm I have at hand and the subject of this review.

As you may recall, Ruger’s first foray into the 1911 market was a full size, stainless steel pistol in .45ACP – the classic 1911 and a good place to start. Since then they have steadily increased the lineup with a Commander size and lightweight Commander version and have expanded the caliber options to include 10mm and 9mm pistols. Full size target models in 10mm and .45ACP have been added, and in the past week or so a target model 9mm was announced. As far as I know they are far from finished designing and producing other 1911 style pistol variations, so if your favorite model hasn’t come out yet, stand by.

Ruger SR1911s are good to go right out of the box. By that I mean they have included most of the features you might want in a 1911 pistol and they do it at a very attractive price, often selling at retail in the $700-$800 range. The “Officers” model has an extensive list of standard features, to include genuine Novak three dot sights in Novak dovetails so they can be easily changed to suit your preferences, an anodized aluminum frame with a beveled magazine well and a new, rounded butt mainspring housing. The plunger tube is integral to the frame so it will never fall off or need to be re-staked and the beavertail grip safety, magazine release and thumb safety are all extended for ease of use. The trigger is standard length and it and the hammer are of the skeletonized combat style. The thin stock panels are of G-10 in a new, unique Ruger motif I find to be particularly attractive. Moving up to the stainless steel slide we find, like all the SR1911s it is a “Series 70” design, meaning there is no firing pin safety but a titanium firing pin and extra strength firing pin spring to make the pistol drop safe without adding unnecessary parts, complicating take-down and screwing up the trigger pull.

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