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Bull's Eye: Guide to Elk Hunting

Featured Guests: Guy Eastman, Craig Morgan, Brandon Bates and Eric Rice

(Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav") (Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav")

By: The Revolution with Jim & Trav

If you've been fortunate enough to tag and bag a mature bull elk, you should thank your lucky stars. The success rate of Over the Counter (OTC), DIY, public land elk hunts, currently, is somewhere in the vicinity of 10%. That statistic includes the harvesting of cows, spikes, mediocre and mature bulls, alike. However, if a hunter is strictly in pursuit of a mature wall hanger, odds aren't in his or her favor, with only a 3% success rate. So, this week on The Revolution, Bull's Eye: Guide to Elk Hunting, Jim & Trav and their elite hunting pros will unveil hidden keys to elk hunting success that are guaranteed to put antlers on the ground and meat in the freezer. Kicking the show off with an exclusive two-part interview, will be Guy Eastman, host of Eastmans’ Hunting TV. Then country music legend Craig Morgan of Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors will join us. Plus, RMEF Team Elk host, Brandon Bates and finally, Eric Rice, Sticky Holsters’ Operations Manager. The Revolution and this week's elk quest is presented by Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network and MyOutdoorTV.

Success in elk hunting, in many cases, comes with experience and time spent afield. However, a lot can be learned from the seasoned hunters who spend almost every day, season after season, chasing elk out west. Guy Eastman, host of Eastman’s Hunting TV on Outdoor Channel, is on The Revolution this week and he has plenty of tips to hand out. He’ll talk about lessons learned from years in the field, what mistakes to avoid and how to increase your odds of success. He’ll explain a tactic called “bulldogging” and how to use this strategy to ambush elk. Guy will also discuss the importance of slowing down and being patient once you have closed the distance on an elk, so that you don’t squander an opportunity. When it comes to putting an elk on the ground, he stresses the importance of proper shot placement and the ability to take shots quickly when opportunities arise. For the hunters headed west this fall, Guy will walk them through his process of looking at maps and using GPS to identify areas you want to target once you reach your destination. “The biggest thing with elk is to be patient and get away from the crowds.” Tune in to The Revolution for loads of helpful elk hunting advice from Guy Eastman.

He is probably most well-known for his talent behind the microphone at a sold-out venue, however country music artist Craig Morgan, is also a skilled hunter and the host of Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors on Outdoor Channel. Tune in to The Revolution this week as Craig Morgan joins Jim and Trav to talk elk. Craig tells Jim and Trav he believes that the ability to read the animal you are pursuing is crucial to your success, especially with elk. As with any skill, experience and time in the field studying animals and understanding them is necessary. He says all elk hunters have been guilty, at least once, of misjudging a bugle they thought belonged to a monster, only to find out it was the bellow of a spike. Hunting elk requires more than just calling know-how, it demands that a hunter have some knowledge of the environment and terrain and the ability to maneuver themselves into an advantageous setup on a bull. Craig tells Jim and Trav that his military background has certainly helped him in this aspect of elk hunting and that military training can enhance the ability of a hunter. Tune in as Craig talks elk, hunting with veterans and Operation FINALLY HOME Welcomes “American Stories Tour” with Craig Morgan and very special guests.

Embarking on a DIY, public land hunt is considered, by many, to be a very difficult challenge. This type of hunt requires a lot of research to pinpoint the best tracts of accessible public land and ideal terrain, as well as enough scouting to ensure a decent chance of success. Public land is just that, open to everyone, so hunting pressure and uncertainty are all part of the challenge. Brandon Bates, host of RMEF Team Elk on Outdoor Channel, joins Jim and Trav this week to talk about the Idaho DIY, public land elk hunt that he is on his way to conquer, right now. This is a hunt he has been planning for a while saying, “I have this quest to be successful on public land, on my own. I know public land is super hard, but I love it.” Brandon stresses the importance of utilizing the resources that are available to everyone by getting out and enjoying the millions of acres of public land, rather than letting them go to waste.

The way you carry concealed is a personal choice, but when it comes to selecting a holster, there are a variety of things to look for: ease of access, comfort, durability, concealment and more. Sticky Holsters is a company that is redefining concealment with affordable and effective options for everyone. Eric Rice, Operations Manager for Sticky Holsters, joins The Revolution this week to showcase their products, explain how they work and highlight what makes them stand out from the crowd. Sticky Holsters are in the waist band or pocket holsters that use compression or friction from their “sticky” material to secure the firearm. Eric talks about the advantages of a clipless holster and the ability to easily move and relocate your firearm to a variety of different positions. He’ll talk about their Concealment Holsters, Anklebiter Holster and how having this modular application allows the user to customize the way they carry. Finally, he’ll highlight the Sticky Travel Mount, which is a solution for firearm access in the vehicle, without having it on your person. Don’t miss this interview, it will have you rethinking how you carry!

The Revolution with Jim & Trav - 9/7/2017

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