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The Beasts of Spring: Bear Hunting

Featured Guests: Chris Brackett, Jana Waller, Kristy Titus, Chandler Bownds

(Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav") (Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav")

By: The Revolution with Jim & Trav

Now is the time to gear up for spring bear. Yes, after months on end of weather induced torpor, these magnificent beasts of spring are awakened by longer days and a rising barometer, and it's nearly time for us hunters to head afield and pursue them. So, this week on The Revolution with Jim and Trav presented by Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network and MyOutdoorTV, we're here to handout all the tidbits and know-how we have to properly assist you in tagging a finely furred rug and for scoring a freezer full of delicious wild game meat.

Chris Brackett host of Fear No Evil on Outdoor Channel is on The Revolution this week, and he is dropping his bear hunting knowledge and tips to help you bring home a bruin of your own. Regardless of the game you pursue, shot placement is always important, but on a bear it can be a little more difficult. “You can’t see the contouring lines like you can on a whitetail, or an elk, on its front shoulder.” Chris will talk about why it’s important to understand the anatomy of the game you pursue and in the case of bear hunting, how to identify the proper shot placement. He’ll also unwrap the truth about a bear’s “death moan” and explain how the involuntary diaphragm plays a role in making those eerie sounds. Chris will then talk about how to field judge bears by looking at their skull and the proportion of their body. “You’re going to know if the linebacker of the woods is coming in. He’s going to be bow-legged in the front, he’s going to be all postured up.” Finally, he’ll reveal some new projects he has in the works and how he is ready to put his archery skills to the ultimate test. Tune in for a really fun and educational two-part interview with Chris Brackett.

Jana Waller’s passion for hunting and fishing takes center stage in Skull Bound TV on The Sportsman Channel. Tune in as Jana talks with Jim and Trav about her affinity for bear hunting. “I’m lucky enough to live in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana where we have lots of bears. It’s over the counter tags, there is no baiting so we usually do mostly spot and stalk with a rifle.” Jana will discuss her experiences chasing bruins in Alaska, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Idaho and explains why she likes to spot and stalk hunt. She’ll also talk about how she prepares for the possibility of bear encounters and whether she prefers a firearm or bear spray for protection. Jana will then talk about an upcoming bear hunt in Idaho with hounds and why she is looking forward to clearing up some misconceptions and showcasing this style of hunt. “A lot of people who have never hunted with hounds, think it’s easy. They don’t understand the process and how much work truly goes into those hounds.” Finally, Jana will dish on how to take your bear from field to table.

Canada offers tremendous opportunity for hunting bear. Kristy Titus, a featured member of RMEF’s Team Elk, is a licensed hunting guide in British Colombia. Kristy joins Jim and Trav to talk bear hunting and says spring is a good time to do spot and stalk archery and rifle hunting. “A lot of people take the bait route, but it’s really fun to spot and stalk black bears on foot.” Kristy says one mistake many hunters make is coming unprepared for the weather. “One thing I can tell you about bears, and specifically if you go to B.C. for bears, it’s going to rain. It can be very inclement for extended periods of time.” What type of gear should a hunter take? Kristy answers those questions with an in-depth look at the appropriate and adequate rain gear, tarps for creating a tent or shelter, portable stoves, boots and what to do for insect repellent.

Chandler Bownds is a World Champion Bull Rider from Lubbock, Texas. He is a three-time National Finals Rodeo qualifier and an ERA World Champion Bull Rider, as well. Competing on the rodeo circuit occupies the bulk of his time, attending between 130 and 140 events per year, but he finds time for some hunting, too. Tune in this week as he talks with Jim and Trav about two bear hunts he went on last year and, more specifically, his Alberta, Canada spot and stalk hunt.

The Revolution with Jim & Trav - 3/30/17

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