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Venison Recipe: Best Elk Steak Marinade

When you have pounds of elk steak to cook, make sure to marinade them first to bring out all of the flavor of the beautiful piece of meat

By: Raschell Rule,



Combine all ingredients in a large re-sealable bag or bowl and shake or stir until combined thoroughly.

Pierce the meat generously with a fork. This lets the marinade work its magic. Add the meat to the re-sealable bag and refrigerate for a full 24 hours. Drain the marinade from the meat and discard. Bring the meat back to room temperature and grill. (Awesome isn't it?)

This venison recipe marinades two pounds of elk meat. You may double the recipe when grilling more than two pounds, but be sure to cut back on the soy sauce - still add the additional two to three tablespoons of fresh garlic though.

For this venison recipe, DO NOT substitute honey for anything else. You must have honey for this to do its beautiful job.

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