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Predators: Man vs Nature's Most Prolific Hunter

Featured Guests: Jeff Rann, Carlos Martinez, Jeremy Mallette

(Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav") (Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav")

By: The Revolution with Jim & Trav

The health of our natural resources relies on the presence of predators, especially apex predators. In fact, bears, coyotes, mountain lions, and more, are directly linked to keeping our natural biological communities clean and healthy. They also help regulate the impact on available forage that's created by big game species such as deer, elk, moose, and so on. As we dig deeper into the predator versus prey relationship, we see the drastic decline in mule deer, elk and other prey species and one thing is for certain; Mother Nature’s grand design to govern itself has fallen short and immediate action from sportsmen and women is required. So this week on The Revolution with Jim and Trav presented by Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel and World Fishing Network, we will take a comprehensive look at properly balancing our predator numbers and what's at stake if we don't. Joining our discussion will be Jeff Rann of Deadliest Hunts, Silencer Shop’s Social Media Manager Jeremy Mallette, Carlos Martinez the Senior Product Manager for Custom & Premium Firearms at Remington Outdoor Company and our very own Mrs. Bunny.

Jeff Rann is the host of Deadliest Hunts seen Sundays at 3:00 p.m. ET on Outdoor Channel. Jeff has hunted extensively, all over Africa, throughout the course of his professional hunting career that began in 1977. In 2002, he was recognized for over 40 years as one of the greatest producers of record book animals. Each week, Deadliest Hunts invites viewers to come along on intense hunts for some of the most dangerous game and predators in the world’s most exotic locations.

Tune in as Jeff dives into the dangerous and heart pounding adventure of lion hunting. “You’re hunting an animal that is a predator, that’s what he’s born to do.”  Jeff says the keys to lion hunting are to catch them unaware as well as the ability to make a good killing shot. When tracking lions, Jeff says that you look to find them when they are lying down and resting after they’ve been out hunting all night. He explains where to locate them at different points throughout the day, and why tracking them into deeply shaded areas is dangerous. Jeff cautions that not every hunt goes perfectly and, especially when tracking, things can go wrong in the blink of an eye. He has been on the wrong end of both lion and leopard attacks, and was able to survive. He talks specifically about how eye contact alone can provoke an attack from one of these predators. Finally, Jeff turns his attention to firearms and says, “I’m a big believer in a double rifle, it gives you two quick shots. It’s two separate guns and two separate triggers. So if something goes wrong you’re always going to have a backup.” He also speaks to the quality and dependability of Federal Ammunition and how he feels it’s the best ammo for dangerous game.

You can find out more about Jeff at Listen in!

Since its inception, Dakota Arms has always been a small shop, with custom gunsmiths and master craftsman in Sturgis, South Dakota. Dakota Arms was founded in 1986 and known for custom firearms, hand crafted with quality and precision and they continue that tradition today. ?Carlos Martinez is the Senior Product Manager for Custom and Premium Firearms at Remington Outdoor Company and he joins The Revolution to talk about the process of building a custom rifle and highlights a Model 76 Mannlicher that is currently in production for Jim.

Carlos says that they want customers to be a part of the experience of building their custom rifle and part of that is picking all of the details like wood, metal finishes, sights and more. Carlos will discuss the available wood options, metal coloring, engraving and the range of available calibers all the way up to a 458 Lott. Tune in and find out more about having a custom rifle built specifically for you by Dakota Arms.

Jeremy Mallette with Silencer Shop joins The Revolution to talk predator hunting and suppressors. Jeremy tells Jim and Trav that he carries a 17 WSM and a 308 to the deer stand with him. He says the 17 WSM is incredibly quiet when suppressed and within 300 yards can deliver a knockout punch to armadillos, raccoons, coyotes and more without spooking off any deer in the area. Shooting suppressed offers a plethora of benefits including, but not limited to: reduced sound level, recoil reduction, elimination of muzzle blast, quicker follow up shots, increased accuracy, and more. Jeremy outlines the process of getting a suppressor and how Silencer Shop has simplified it. Silencer Shop offers more than 290 silencers and 20 plus different brands and Jeremy says it’s really as easy as:

  1. Go to
  2. Purchase the silencer
  3. Purchase the tax stamp
  4. Check out

After checking out, the purchaser will be sent a series of emails with instructions to follow and Silencer Shop takes it from there and keeps the purchaser updated throughout the process. From start to finish, their goal is to make it as easy for the purchaser as possible. Jeremy notes that wait times do vary, but they work hard to identify any mistakes or issues with paperwork and correct them to avoid delays. In addition, he highlights the 300 Silencer Shop kiosks around the country that help with the paperwork process and the new Silencer Shop mobile app that’s now available with new features coming soon.

Find out more about hunting suppressed as well as how to start the process of purchasing a suppressor by listening to Jeremy Mallette, tune in!

The Revolution with Jim & Trav - 9/29/2016

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