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Tips for How to Deal with Dangerous Self-Defense Situations

The Staff compiled a collection of scenarios from "The Best Defense" that highlight dangerous situations and how to keep you and your family safe

By: Staff

Any situation can turn into a dangerous situation in a matter of seconds. A normal bus ride, going to the movies, driving your car, and cashing a check at the bank are all common activities that normal, everyday people do often. But what happens when an armed criminal decides to show up? Michael Bane, Michael Janich, and Mike Seeklander of The Best Defense use their extensive knowledge and skills to help the average person prepare for these dangerous situations.

1. Trouble on the Trolley

In self-defense training, we operate mostly in a wide open area like a shooting range. What if we, in a real life situation, have to react in narrow space like on a trolley or a bus? Are we prepared for these type of situations?

2. Engaging Multiple Attackers with a Handgun

Mike Seeklander takes you through some thought processes and training drills at the live fire range to prepare yourself for an attack from multiple enemies.

3. Tactics to Help You Survive an Active Shooter Situation

An active shooter in the workplace has become our very own urban nightmare. We talk a lot about avoidance and awareness on the show, but there are situations where you simply have to react perfectly. This scenario is from The Best Defense #67 (Episode 2 – Season 6).

4. What to Do in a 'Bump and Rob' Situation

A bumper thumper is not always a traffic accident, but it might be the start of a robbery or an attack. We look at different solutions and how we can act in these type of situations.

5. Tips for How to Defend Yourself in a Car

Most of us want to be good Samaritans and help other people in need. Unfortunately, predators always understand that urge and can turn it against us.

6. Keeping Safe While Traveling

Unlike old dogs, it turns out that criminals can learn new tricks. When we talk about violent crimes, it’s not necessarily a mugging in an alley.

7. How to Prep Your Home to Keep Your Family Safe

Distance to a safe room is one method to keep you safe from a home intruder. This scenario discusses some options that could save your life when an intruder decides to enter your home.

8. Responsibly Reporting a Crime

We take you through scenarios that you may experience if you are in charge of keeping an eye on your neighbor's house as part of the neighborhood watch team. We follow a concealed carry shooting situation from the beginning to the end.

9. Concealed Carry Gone Wrong

You have your concealed carry permit. You’ve purchased your carry gun and completed your training. But are you ready to head out into the real world? Look at these worst and best case scenarios from The Best Defense.

10. Protecting Yourself from an Unexpected Visitor

We never feel more secure then when we're on our home turf. While doing our chores such as in a garage, you never know who might walk in and what the intentions might be.

11. Be Aware in Crowd Settings to Stay Safe

Modern technology helps us mobilize a gathering for dinner or other social events. The bad guys have the same capabilities but where mayhem might the goal. Flash mobs can cause a lot of harm and for a concealed carry holder, this can be a worst case scenario.

12. Tips to Surviving a Bank Robbery

Every day we interface with other people and too often we do this on autopilot and we are oblivious. In the modern world, this is not a good idea.

13. Tips for Protecting your Home from an Intruder

You hear a sound outside. Someone is on your property looking into your home. You grab your weapon and go outside to solve the problem…. or does the problem solve you?

14. How to Handle a Non-Lethal Threat in Your Home

Not every self-defense situation requires a gun solution either in your home or when you’re out and about. The legal, moral and emotional outcome is something you have to live with for the rest of your life.

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