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5 How-To Methods for Hunting: Archery, Crossbow, Rifle, Blackpowder, and Pistol

Featured Guests: Gregg Ritz, David Blanton

(Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav") (Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav")

By: The Revolution with Jim & Trav

So, Satan just called, he wants his weather back! Yep, it's time for hunters to unite and convince Mother Nature to take a "Chill Pill." But the truth of the matter is, back to school sales are in full swing, preseason football will soon be underway and hunters’ anticipation of autumn’s bountiful seasons are leading to late nights at the range. For months, outdoorsmen and women have been pining for fall’s crisp, clean, air and the audible crunch of freshly fallen leaves underfoot. Believe you me, those conditions aren't too far off. Now, with that being said, this week on The Revolution with Jim and Trav presented by Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, and World Fishing Network, the boys will take a comprehensive look at “5 How-To Methods for Hunting: Archery, Crossbow, Rifle, Blackpowder, and Pistol”, and what it takes to be proficient in each discipline. Jim and Trav and their panel of experts, Hunt Masters’ Gregg Ritz plus David Blanton from Realtree’s Monster Bucks and Realtree Outdoors, will not only will examine the ins and outs of each five shooting disciplines, but personal tips and anecdotes that have made them the hunters they are today.

Gregg Ritz is one of the industry’s most accomplished hunters, with a long list of record book accomplishments across the globe. Gregg’s dedication to adventure hunting is unmatched, his technical muzzleloading expertise and passion for archery is world renowned, his scouting and land management skills are second-to-none, and his use of innovative hunting tactics has made him an authority on big game hunting worldwide. This week on The Revolution, Gregg joins Jim and Trav for a two-part interview discussing the ins and outs of crossbow and muzzleloader hunting.

Crossbow hunting has long been a lightening rod in the archery community. While purists will argue that crossbow hunters have an unfair advantage Gregg contends that this is a “natural progression and evolution of the sport and at the end of the day it’s bowhunting.” He says whether it’s a vertical bow, crossbow, compound bow, recurve or long bow, it's still the same sport. The overall popularity and acceptance of the sport is growing and that is evident in the number of states that now recognize crossbows as legal for use in hunting seasons. Gregg talks about the advantages as well as lesser known disadvantages to hunting with a crossbow, including less stability than a vertical bow and more time spent tuning not only your crossbow but all of its components for accuracy.

The thought of hunting with a muzzleloader can be somewhat daunting for beginners, but Gregg is a master with a muzzleloader and he offers up his advice for those looking to get into the discipline. When it comes to purchasing a muzzleloader Gregg advises hunters to keep it simple and look for guns that seal the primer inside of the gun. He offers a budget friendly option as well as a more technologically advanced option that is hammerless and completely clean. He’ll also explain his secret for success in shooting with any weapon and why  it’s not about how much you practice, but rather how often you practice.

Don’t miss Gregg Ritz this week on The Revolution and every week on Hunt Masters seen on Outdoor Channel on Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET.

David Blanton is a household name in the outdoor industry and a staple within the camouflage giant, Realtree. As the host and Executive Producer of several television shows and deer hunting DVD’s, David knows his way around the woods and has an immense amount of expertise when it comes to filming and harvesting deer and other big game. This week, David joins Jim and Trav with an extended interview to talk about the most popular disciplines for hunting big game: archery and rifle.

Bowhunting is an ever growing segment of the hunting industry. David talks about his introduction to bowhunting, how he learned the sport with his dad and brother at the age of 14 and how that experience forged a strong passion for archery. More and more hunters turn to bowhunting because it affords them much longer seasons, and some are also looking for a bigger challenge. David agrees and says that bowhunters must have serious woodsmanship skills in order to close the distance and get within shooting range of the game they are pursuing. He enjoys the challenge of hiding and the rush that comes from getting close and points to a specific hunt for elk in Colorado where he called in a bull and shot it at only five steps away.

While David may spend most of his time afield with a bow in his hand, he has a .280 that has seen plenty of action as well. Late season deer hunts in Kansas, a rifle hunt in Texas, a post rut mule deer hunt out West – David says that these types of hunts are rifle hunts. They are the kind of hunts that require you to go prepared to shoot longer distances, 200 yards or more. David explains why he favors the .280 over other calibers and relives a once in a lifetime Montana big horn sheep hunt where he shot a large ram, his most prized animal ever.

You can hear the complete interview with David Blanton on The Revolution this week, you can also see him weekly on Realtree’s Monster Bucks on Sportsman Channel and Realtree Outdoors on Outdoor Channel.

The Revolution with Jim & Trav - 7/28/2016

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