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The Flaming Truth: Cooking Wild Game on The Revolution with Jim & Trav

Featured Guests: Tiffany Lakosky, Travis 'T-Bone' Turner, Sherri Ewing, Jana Waller, Hans Hummel

(Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav") (Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav")

By: The Revolution with Jim & Trav

Saddle up and pack some napkins because we're headed on a full-flavored palatable quest to master the artistry of wild game cooking and grilling, with our "Flaming Truth" this week on The Revolution with Jim and Trav presented by Outdoor ChannelSportsman Channel and World Fishing Network.  Never has our audience's listening experience ever been more delicious and by the end of this broadcast you'll be perfectly capable of fighting your growing hunger pains with divine, heavenly, scrumptiousness in the form of phenomenal wild game meals. Disclaimer: Severe drooling and excessive belly groans may accompany this program. Enjoy.

Tiffany Lakosky from Crush with Lee & TiffanySundays at 7:30 p.m. ET on Outdoor Channel, is no stranger to crushing monster bucks and she now kills it in the kitchen, too. For years, Tiffany and Lee, have tirelessly dedicated themselves to achieving conservation nirvana, and now they're focusing on culinary excellence as well. There's no doubt that the Lakosky's are true "Whitetail One-Percenters", and for years they've been teaching their contentious land management practices to the masses. However, now, they're taking it a step further, to the heart of everyone's home, with "Crush Kitchen" and their fabulous one off wild game recipes and dishes. Tiffany will chat with the boys about "Crush Kitchen" and their wild game inspired Chili Cupcakes, Mini Elk Meatloaf, Oven Baked Elk Tacos, Venison Sausage Egg McMuffins, Vodka and Venison Cream Pasta, BBQ Bacon Buck Burgers and much, much more. So be an all-star and strap on your aprons because it's fixing to get tasty - double yum!

Travis 'T-Bone' Turner from Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector, Sundays at 10:30 p.m. ET on Outdoor Channel and Realtree Road Trips, is seriously in the top five off all time cool guys and darn near the nicest and most knowledgeable bow hunter to ever exist - period.  "T-Bone" is north bound and down for Kentucky and takes a few minutes to catch up with the boys during the overwhelmingly successful #Can'tStopTheFlop tour. "T-Bone" instructs Jim and Trav on the beauty and simplicity of Seth McGinn's "CanCooker" and how it has literally saved his marriage at least a dozen times and will continue to do so in the future. From deep in the backcountry to backyard BBQ's, "T-Bone" takes his CanCooker and, without fail, satisfies the hearts and hunger of weary hunters like a hardcore boss. "T-Bone" will also countdown his three favorite wild game meats to feast on: Elk, Nilgai and Deer. Plus he'll offer up some tasty recipes. And remember, "T-Bone" is super chill and if you listen intently, some of his awesomeness might just soak into you.

Have you ever been in the middle of that naughty 'Egypt" place and thought, "I'd give my only camel to have a five-star dining experience at this very moment"? Well, if you are in, or headed to, Alaska, you might just be in luck. Sherri Ewing of Alaska’s Wild Gourmet, Saturdays at 7:00 p.m. ET on Outdoor Channel, and owner of "Red Hot Cooking" works alongside her son Bradley, a Le Cordon Bleu trained master chef, and daughter Amy. She ingeniously thought of, developed and has successfully implemented a mobile camp kitchen that offers upscale, remote, catering in the wilds of Alaska. Never before has such an exquisite dining experience ever been offered straight from the throws of Mother Nature’s test kitchen and the only way to describe it is, "remarkably savory and quaint." Sherri Ewing joins the boys to talk about Alaska’s Wild Gourmethow to learn more about feasting at one of their mobile camp kitchens and why the entire experience is just as educational as it is appetizing.

Jana Waller, or as we lovingly refer to her, "The Wild Game Mastermind", is the host of Skull Bound TV, Wednesdays at 8:30 and 11:30 p.m. ET on Sportsman Channel. She has once again proven her usefulness and brightly displayed her unique creativity, by developing one of a kind bear recipes that'll put any upscale dining experience to shame. Jana lives strictly off the land and her red meat intake is 100% organic, free range and taken out of necessity with great honor and pride. Jana refuses to let even one morsel of the game she kills go to waste and her extreme resourcefulness, and ingenuity, has led to countless, marvelous meals. Beyond that, what she can't consume, is tastefully cleaned up, decorated, and used for authentic home decor. Jana talks with the boys about simple wild game dishes that pack a delicious punch, her most bizarre dining experience, and why a mixed bag freezer of pheasant, duck, deer, elk, bear, and more, spells out a summer full of good eats and tasty adventures. Don't miss Jana this week on The Revolution and your chance to brush up on your dietary game.

Hans Hummel is everyone's dream "bestie" - he's funny, loves to hunt, is a master at the grill, and did we mention he's also the President and CEO of Hi Mountain Seasonings? Hans phones The Revolution to talk all things flavorful and what brand-new and exciting products Hi Mountain Seasonings is offering for the 2016 grilling season. Hans will have your mouth watering in no time when he dishes on their awesome "Rib Rub". He'll have you begging for more when he hits up their "Spicy Lime Blend Jerky Kit", and he'll leave you in tears when he finishes with Hi Mountain Seasonings' line of "Inferno", "Snackin' Sticks" and "Jerky Kits". So, if your freezer is full of wild game, and you're lacking inspiration and super tasty recipes, Hans Hummel's interview just might be the hot ticket and the jumpstart your tastebuds have been lacking. Now show your stomach some much needed appreciation by checking out Hi Mountain Seasonings online today. Bon appetit.

The Revolution with Jim & Trav - 4/21/2016

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