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Questions and Answers at the Outdoor Sportsman Awards with Donald Trump

Mike Schoby, editor of “Petersen's Hunting” magazine, interviews Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. about Second Amendment and gun control issues

By: Staff

Shortly before the 16th annual Outdoor Sportsman Awards began in Las Vegas, Nev., “Petersen’s Hunting” magazine editor Mike Schoby had an opportunity to sit down with Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, along with his son, Donald Trump Jr., for a short question-and-answer session about some very important issues.


  1. Should law-abiding citizens be allowed to buy, sell and trade, firearms and ammunition with other Americans without the registration and regulation imposed by the federal agencies? If so, why do you believe that?

  2. Tell us what you think will happen to individual and 2nd amendment freedoms if we are subject to eight years of Hillary Clinton. I mean how bad could it be, really?

  3. At a recent rally in New Hampshire you said that on your first day in the office you would sign legislation to say “No more Gun Free Zones in schools or on military bases.” Three-part question:
    • How would you mandate that legislation? By executive order?
    • Since public schools are legislated by the states, how could you make such an order stick?
    • Would this legislation apply just to public schools or private as well?

  4. Would your nominee for the Department of the Interior and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service be a person who participates in hunting and fishing?

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