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Stories from Hunting's Past

Featured guests: Terry Drury, Gregg Ritz

By: The Revolution with Jim & Trav

This week on The Revolution with Jim & Trav that's presented by Outdoor Channel, it's "Stories from Hunting's Past". So listen in as outdoor greats recount their fondest moments in the woods and you'll learn that what defines our sport is a respect for nature and a love for the process and challenge of the hunt.

The featured guests on this edition will be Terry Drury and Gregg Ritz.

Breaking into the outdoor industry was not an easy task for Terry and brother Mark Drury, co-hosts of Drury’s THIRTEEN, and they worked tirelessly to earn their place. Terry talks about some of his fondest memories in the field with family.

Gregg Ritz of Hunt Masters is one of hunting's most respected sportsmen. This week, in a special two part interview, Gregg talks about how he cultivated a love for hunting at a young age and also his first successful solo hunt.

The Revolution with Jim & Trav - 8/20/2015

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