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NRA Firearm Science (Video)


As a featured segment in the new hit Outdoor Channel TV show NRA All Access, Firearm Science explores shooting concepts with the aim of improving your shooting performance.

Hosted by Jessie Duff and featuring experts in the field like Top Shot Champion Chris Cheng and 3 Gun National Champion Tommy Thacker, Firearm Science gives you a different look at the fundamentals of marksmanship.

Check out the first season of Firearm Science videos below and be sure to tune in to NRA All Access, Sundays at 10PM on Outdoor Channel.

Firearm Science: Accurate Aim

Firearm Science: Proper Grip

Firearm Science: Shooting Stance

Firearm Science: Recoil Effects

Firearm Science: Trigger Control

Firearm Science: Shooting Moving Targets

Firearm Science: Speed of Bullet

Firearm Science: Presenting from Concealment

Firearm Science POA vs POI

Firearm Science: Mechanics of the Revolver

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