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LaCrosse AeroHead Boots‎


LaCrosse AeroHead Boots‎

Over four years in development and tested over 4,000 miles, the AeroHead™ is a truly revolutionary hunting boot. It features patent-pending AeroForm™ technology, a groundbreaking new construction that offers an extremely comfortable fit, with the ultimate in flexibility and durability all in a lightweight form. The shell around the neoprene core is molded with polyurethane, which is more durable, flexible, insulating and lightweight than rubber.

In addition to AeroForm technology, the AeroHead incorporates a number of other beneficial features. LaCrosse’s Ankle Fit technology ensures a secure fit on foot, the integrated shank under the arch of the foot provides the ultimate support while climbing in and out of tree stands and the adjustable back gusset allows for a personalized fit. LaCrosse Brush Tuff bi-directional material on the upper provides abrasion resistance, which combined with the patent-pending shin guard design, provides protection against brush and briars. Whether it is for spring turkey hunting, early season bowhunting or setting out in the cold during late season, there is an AeroHead fit to perform in the field.

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