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Kiwi Convergency

Outdoor Channel hunters flock to red stag rut in New Zealand

The Driven team made it and is “enjoying God The Driven team made it and is “enjoying God's country! This place is nothing short of breathtaking! Making lots of memories.” (Courtesy Driven)

By: Mike Suchan,

When hunting seasons are few and far between in the U.S., Outdoor Channel’s hunters expand their horizons. It’s a bucket list trip for some, a much-anticipated return for others, but New Zealand offers some hot hunting action after things cool down in most of North America.

Driven with Pat and Nicole” and Bob Richardson of “ScentBlocker’s Most Wanted” visited the land Down Under recently and shared their exploits on Facebook.

Last year, Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo took their son R.J. for his first major overseas hunting trip and it was “Red Stag for Whole Family.” Also last year, when fall was putting the animals in the rut, Mike Pawlawski took Washington State football coach Mike Leach as “Gridiron Outdoors” tackled New Zealand.

It can take a day and half to travel to the New Zealand mountains, but all the Outdoor Channel talent report it’s worth it.

Click the image to see Pat and Nicole’s and Bob’s hunts.
At Leithen Valley, Driven Team member Clint Walker received big congratulations for knocking down this monster red stag. (Courtesy Driven)

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