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Elephant Hunting is Key to Conserving Species (Video)

By: OutdoorChannel.com

Elephant hunting has become increasingly controversial, but hunting experts like Ivan Carter argue that elephant hunting is key to the conservation of this amazing creature.

Ivan Carter is considered in both hunting and conservation circles one of the world's foremost experts on the African elephant. His groundbreaking film, “Boddington On Elephant with IVAN CARTER”, is widely recognized, as the finest film of its kind, dedicated entirely to the hunting, understanding, and conservation of elephants. A popular speaker at trade shows and safari industry events, Ivan has lectured around the country at a diverse range of venues including Stanford University, all the while promoting sustainable wildlife utilization and the role of the hunter/conservationist.

“Elephant hunting, as well as the elephants themselves, are misunderstood topics to the general public, a fact I am all too aware of. Information, especially info generated from scientific studies as opposed to pure emotion, is the key. Where he has value through hunting, the elephant is doing fine in Africa. In fact, his numbers are exploding in some countries. Loss of habitat and uncontrolled ivory POACHING- NOT SPORT HUNTING are the elephant’s worst enemies today. Hunting is the only hope this species has, although that statement is seemingly lost of the non-hunting public. We will keep spreading the word, and we will continue to assure that we as hunters open our wallets, not just our mouths, to ensure this wonderful animal continues to roam Africa’s wild spaces.”
– Ivan Carter

A lot of controversy comes from the topic of elephants and what to do with a dense population. Watch this video to learn what can be done.

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