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7 Tips to a Better Revolver: Tip #1

By: Ed Head, Down Range TV

Don’t squirt oil or solvent down into the action…

Tip #1 - Clean It

Revolvers need to be kept clean and sparsely lubricated, as excessive lube attracts dirt. I learned this lesson while patrolling the border astride an off road ATV with a .357 Magnum strapped to my hip. Dirt, and especially sand, can put a revolver out of action by making it difficult to open and close the cylinder or by keeping the cylinder from rotating freely. If you carry a small revolver in a pocket it won’t take long for lint to work its way into all the nooks and crannies but it can be removed quickly with a toothbrush or blown out with compressed air.

Revolvers usually require only routine barrel and chamber cleaning. Unless put in heavy service under harsh conditions, it is rarely necessary to disassemble and clean the internal parts of a revolver – I would guess most revolvers are never disassembled. One other caution: don’t squirt oil or solvent down into the action thinking this will help clean it or smooth the internal parts. It won’t, and will cause crud to stick to the oil and build up quickly.

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