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MidwayUSA Treestand Backpack



The MidwayUSA Treestand Backpack makes the perfect companion on your next deer hunt. Designed to offer hunters more than they expect, the MidwayUSA Treestand Backpack is loaded with innovative features.

From the outside the MidwayUSA Treestand Backpack looks like a regular pack. For starters the Treestand Backpack is constructed using heavy duty 600 Denier nylon that is tough and abrasion resistant along with a brushed polyester that is soft and quiet yet extremely durable. That is where the similarities end, when the large secondary pocket on the outside of the pack is opened, the pack becomes the ultimate treestand hunting accessory. The pocket flap drops to reveal two mesh pockets, a basket pouch and an additional small mesh pouch on the bottom.

MidwayUSA Treestand Backpack

The two upper mesh pockets are perfect for small items like: truck keys, gloves, your wallet and a small flashlight. The top pocket is secured by a zipper while the lower pocket has an open top with an elastic band for retention. Below that is the basket pouch with a wire-reinforced opening that is ideal for binoculars or a rangefinder; it also features a flat pocket behind it for your cell phone. The bottom pocket is a flat, zippered mesh pocket that makes an excellent holder for your deer tag and hunting license.

The main compartment of the MidwayUSA Treestand Backpack will store all your additional cold weather or wet weather gear as well as a game processing kit or whatever else you need to carry into the field with you. The exterior features mesh water bottle pockets and MOLLE webbing for you to attach additional pouches. The pack utilizes a few key upgrades to allow it to be attached directly to the tree. First; the carry handle is reinforced and box-stitched for exceptional strength. In addition, the rear of the pack features two small zipper pockets that house 18" of high-strength nylon webbing which allow the pack to "hug" the tree and provide stability and a secure hold. With the two 18" straps the MidwayUSA Treestand Backpack can attach to trees up to 42" in circumference.

To learn more about MidwayUSA Treestand Backpacks, visit http://www.midwayusa.com/product/764089/midwayusa-treestand-backpack-nylon-mossy-oak-break-up-infinity-camo

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