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Fishing Trek: Spring Edition

Featured Guests: Chad Callander, Gary Cooper, Greg Randolph, CatDaddy

(Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav") (Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav")

By: The Revolution with Jim & Trav

Now is the time to use those vacation days, load up, put some miles on your rig and spend some hard-earned hours on the water. Fishing could arguably be one of America’s favorite pastimes and this week on The Revolution with Jim and Trav, we’ll dish tips and techniques for more successful days on the water. Joining us will be Gary Cooper, host of Nice Fish as well as CatDaddy, a registered Kansas catfishing guide. Then Chad Callander, Ford Ranger Marketing Manager, will talk about the all-new 2019 Ford Ranger. Finally, Greg Randolph, VP of Marketing for DECKED, will join us with truck storage solutions for your summer outdoors pursuits. Catch it all on The Revolution with Jim and Trav, presented by Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network and MyOutdoorTV.

As outdoor lovers, many of us share a common bond beyond our passion for the outdoors. We love trucks. Our pickup trucks are a home away from home, packed with all of our outdoor gear and tasked with getting us where we need to be. Whether it's on the pavement or miles into the backcountry, we depend on and ask a lot of our trucks. What sets us apart is the truck we choose to meet our personal needs. There has been a tremendous amount of growth in the midsize pickup market – not everyone needs a full-size truck. Some people need a truck but want the smaller footprint of a midsize without sacrificing towing, hauling, capability and the ability to venture off the pavement and take on off-road environments. After an 8-year hiatus, Ford is bringing back the Ranger in a big way to fill the demands from the midsize space. A lot has changed since you’ve seen the Ranger, it has been completely reinvented and redesigned. The all-new 2019 Ford Ranger is a midsize pickup, but it’s larger than the previous generation Ranger and is sporting some impressive upgrades. Chad Callander, Ford Ranger Marketing Manager, is here this week to introduce us to 2019 Ford Ranger. Tune in!

Kids are the future of the outdoors and they need mentors to foster their love and knowledge of outdoor sports. Teaching kids to fish not only gives them a tangible skill but also immerses them in the outdoor lifestyle. Gary Cooper, host of Nice Fish on World Fishing Network, where you can also see Nice Fish Junior and Nice Fish Senior, joins us this week to talk about getting kids on the water. Overwhelming kids with the intricacies of proper technique and form can be off-putting. Instead, Gary says it's about investing quality time, teaching kids and letting them develop technique as they go. Gary will talk specifically about the new seasons of Nice Fish and Nice Fish Junior and highlight an episode where his grandsons, Dylan and Cameron, fish together on the docks for perch using simple methods. He'll also talk about catch-and-release practices and how he encourages people to fish within the rules but doesn't chastise anyone for taking home their catch for dinner. Tune in for a fun and informative interview with angler Gary Cooper.

Vacations, weekend road trips, camping, fishing and outdoor adventures – summer is the prime season for traveling and enjoying the great outdoors. A life on the road also means luggage and gear bouncing around the cab or bed of your truck. All this loose gear makes for a disorganized mess, a cramped cab and, left unsecured in the bed, a great opportunity for a thief. I was looking for a better way to drag around all my gear and stumbled upon DECKED last year. Seriously boys and girls, you’re going to want to check this out. Greg Randolph, VP of Marketing for DECKED, joins us this week to talk about all the applications you’ll find for your DECKED unit. DECKED is a practical and efficient organizational storage system for the bed of your truck. Two-full-bed-length storage drawers are securely fitted underneath a super strong HDPE deck that is molded to a steel subframe that has a payload of 2,000 pounds. The drawers glide out with ease at waist height which makes loading and unloading the drawers a breeze. Once you close the tailgate and lock it, all of the gear or items you put in your DECKED drawers are securely stowed away out of eyesight. Be sure to listen in to find out more about these awesome truck storage units.

The water temps are steadily rising and in the heart of Kansas, CatDaddy, our resident catfishing pro, is ready to arm you with the tips you need to catch catfish right now. You don’t need expensive tackle and gear to catch a mess of catfish, CatDaddy says all you need is a light line and light pole and to position yourself at the dam, wherever you’re at, on the rock laden sides. From there, rig your pole up with split shot, a hook and some shrimp, and toss it up on the rocks. Gently pull it back and let it fall from rock to rock. CatDaddy says that catfish are tucked back into the rocks right now where they lay their eggs and as your shrimp falls from rock to rock, it will inevitably end up in front of catfish where they will strike. He tells Jim and Trav that this is a hotbed of action right now. Furthermore, he’ll explain how to use seasonal changes to your advantage like the increase of insects and, more specifically, how to capitalize on the impending mayfly infestation. Finally, CatDaddy is getting ready to prep the “Bean Hole” – it’s almost time to do a little chumming. Find out how to utilize this stinky technique and get some insight into this all-natural soybean-based meal magnet for catfish.

The Revolution with Jim & Trav - 5/17/2018

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