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Review: SIG Sauer P365

The SIG Sauer P365 is well suited as a compact concealed carry pistol

The P365 is another great addition to SIG Sauer The P365 is another great addition to SIG Sauer's already extensive lineup. (Photo courtesy of Down Range TV)

By: Ed Head

There’s no doubt in my mind – SIG Sauer is out for world domination. Their extensive lineup includes pistols, carbines, scopes, binoculars, “electro-optics”, ammunition, accessories and a training academy. They recently secured the contracts to provide pistols to the U.S. Military and a bunch of federal agencies and there seems to be no stopping them. Their customers are fiercely loyal and SIG has a reputation for producing high quality, reliable and well-made products.

The latest SIG to fall into my hands is the SIG 365, a very small 9mm pistol designed for concealed carry. It’s the gun everyone was talking about at the Las Vegas SHOT show in January and I’m told it is in high demand among consumers. What makes the 365 special? While there are a number of small 9mm pistols on the market the smallest use single stack magazines and are limited to around 6 or 8 rounds. SIG has managed to carefully sculpt the grip of the 365 and design a hybrid single/double stack magazine that holds 10 rounds while maintaining a thin grip. That means you can have a small, easily concealed 9mm pistol with 10 + 1 capacity, something of a breakthrough in small pistol design. But wait, there’s more: If you don’t mind a slightly longer grip there is a 12 round magazine available, giving you a 12 + 1 capacity. That’s a lot of firepower in a very small package. The pistol ships with two 10 round magazines, one with a flat baseplate and the other with a pinky extension, and the 12 round magazine is available from SIG as an accessory.

Other features of the little blaster include a very nice set of night sights with the front sight featuring a big green dot for daylight shooting and a trigger with a light pull measuring a bit over 5 pounds. The aforementioned grip is designed to allow easy access to the trigger and the magazine release button is triangular instead of the usual round shape. Other controls include a slide lock and a takedown lever. The slide has grasping grooves cut both front and rear and the almost 1” wide slide is finished in a black meteor proof coating I suspect will let you drag it in and out of a Kydex holster for some time before scratching it up. Thankfully there is no magazine disconnect, so the little shooter can be fired with the magazine removed.

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