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  • AM

    Survival Science

    Sniper Attack (2017)

    In addition to marksmanship and long range shooting, military snipers are trained in a variety of skills: detection, stalking, infiltration and target acquisition. Bottom line, there's a ton of cool shooting and science for Nick and Laura to explore!

  • :30 AM

    Hollywood Weapons

    Terry vs. Gorn (2017)

    Captain James T Kirk's battle with the Gorn alien is one of the most popular episodes from Star Trek. We partner with Star Trek: Original Series in New York, as we test the reality of making gunpowder by hand without actually blowing yourself up.

  • AM

    Nick's Wild Ride

    New Zealand Odyssey - Part 1 (2017)

    Nick and his Kimber travel to the South Island of New Zealand in search of culture big red stag and backcountry Tahr. He learns from the locals about what makes New Zealand unlike anywhere else in the world.

  • :30 AM

    Gold Fever

    Omilak Silver Mine (2017)

    Tom and Kia helicopter in to the Alaska Wilderness to check out an old mysterious silver mine.

  • AM

    Wardens presented by Streamlight

    Firearm Opener (2017)

    All across Michigan, officers spend the 16 days of the firearm deer season responding to all manner of calls. From trespassing to poaching, just when you think you've seen it all, something new pops up.

  • :30 AM

    Western Extreme

    Bowhunting North America (2017)

    This weeks show highlights host Jim Burnworth as he travels around North America hunting big game with his bow and arrow. Join us as we travel over the west hunting a variety of species.

  • AM

    Flying Wild Alaska

    Top of the World (2011)

    Jim searches for a group of missing mountain climbers lost somewhere in Alaska's Brooks Range. Up in Barrow, Luke races to transport a village elder to the hospital before it's too late and a pilot attempts to set a world speed record to the North Pole.

  • AM

    Jim Shockey's UNCHARTED

    The Golden Bear (2017)

    Jim ventures deeper into the Russian mountains to hunt for the rare Russian Golden Bear.

  • AM

    True Magnum TV

    Unhappy Trails (2017)

    Bo Morgan struggles to find a Baja blacktail buck in Mexico. British Columbia continues to challenge and surprise James Brion and his guide, Derrick Stevens.

  • :30 AM

    Ram Outdoorsman

    The Game of Kings (2017)

    History and pageantry abound in this unique detour to the old world as Chris Dorsey and a team of shooters enjoy a traditional driven pheasant hunt in the fields of Hungary with their host Peter Horn.

  • AM

    Trev Gowdy's Monster Fish

    Georges Bank - Part 1 (2017)

    Fred Lavitman makes the dangerous 150-mile journey through the night to fish the tuna stronghold of Georges Bank.

  • :30 AM

    Alaska Outdoors Television

    Moose Obsession Pt 2 (2016)

    Chad Glauser with hunting partner Tracy Forbush embark on a remote DIY hunt for Alaska's majestic moose.

  • AM

    Western Extreme

    Bowhunting North America (2017)

    This weeks show highlights host Jim Burnworth as he travels around North America hunting big game with his bow and arrow. Join us as we travel over the west hunting a variety of species.

  • :30 AM

    Federal Premium Ammunition's Grateful Nation

    Best of Grateful Nation (2017)

    Elk, whitetail, and bison are on the agenda in this look back at the best hunts from this season of Grateful Nation.

  • AM

    Outdoor America, Excalibur's

    Deer of a Lifetime (2017)

    Come along as we share stories about two incredible whitetails.

  • :30 AM

    Heartland Bowhunter

    Heartland Pride (2017)

    Mike and Ty travel west to Kansas to hunt with Heartland Pride Outfitters. The peak of the rut has hit and giant Kansas whitetails are on the move.

  • AM

    Archer's Choice with Ralph & Vicki

    The Cianciarulo's Experience Manitoba Monsters – Part 1 (2017)

    Gangler's Sub Artic Hunting in northern Manitoba proves why R&V had to bring RJ on his first bow hunt for black bear. Gangler's didn't let the Ciancairulo's down for the ultimate bear adventure.

  • :30 AM

    Red Arrow

    Home State Hunting (2017)

    It doesn't get any better than hunting in your home state! Kip returns home to Virginia and hits the woods for hunts with friends and family!

  • AM

    Dirt Trax Television

    CFMOTO Newfoundland (2017)

    Luke joins the gang from CFMOTO as they ride the vast landscapes of Newfoundland.

  • :30 AM

    Addicted to the Outdoors

    How the Brunson's Summer Vacation (2017)

    When it's time to relax and enjoy their time off, Jon and Gina do just that, they grab the kids and head to all of their favorite vacation spots right here in the Sunshine State.

  • AM

    RMEF Team Elk

    Hunting the Elements (2017)

    Team Elk member Kristy Titus hunts Montana during the rut and contends with mother nature.

  • :30 AM

    Bow Madness

    Mind Games (2017)

    Brandon Jennings and Bric Steward make a deal with a landowner in which they will do all of the work to set up a new farm in order to deer hunt during the season.

  • PM

    Legends Of The Fall

    Oklahoma Whitetails (2017)

    Mike and Dave look to fill their whitetail tags as the Oklahoma rut comes to an end.

  • :30 PM

    Realtree Outdoors

    Bill and Family Hunt the Farm (2017)

    Realtree's Bill Jordan loves nothing more than taking his kids hunting. During the fall they love hunting the family farm outside of Columbus GA.

  • PM

    Raised Hunting

    For Granted (2017)

    Two best friends, one big whitetail and a kids first pick up, make for a memorable Iowa archery deer hunt, and an even more meaningful message about life.

  • :30 PM

    The One

    Gray Ghost (2017)

    Mike Stroff is in search of a much needed lease for their outfitting operation. The task of finding an additional ranch proves to be way more than Mike was anticipating. He finds a good ranch to lease and it proves to be a special place to hunt.

  • PM

    ScentBlocker Most Wanted

    The Phone Got It (2017)

    Chopper takes New Mexico by storm, hunting the mountains for bugling elk and more.

  • :30 PM

    Steve's Outdoor Adventures TV

    Introducing Travis Price (2017)

    New SOA hunting consultant Travis Price does his first road trip filming in Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming. Hunting mule deer and elk, and meeting the outfitters and guides the SOA office represent and book for each year.

  • PM

    Shooting USA

    Vintage Sniper Competition (2017)

    It's the Vintage Sniper Match in Talladega for collectors competing with classic rifles and historically accurate scopes from the two World Wars. John welcomes a new rifle shooter as his Amateur for to the Bushnell GAP Grind Precision Rifle Challenge.

  • PM

    Cabela's American Archer

    Southern Justice (2017)

    Team member Brian Stephens hunts the Barnes Keith Ranch for giant whitetail.

  • :30 PM

    Territories Wild with Tom Miranda presented by Mathews

    Ambush (2017)

    Join adventure bowhunter Tom Miranda as he travels the globe discussing the art of using blinds and tree stands. Miranda hunts deer, and African plains game in this special episode on stalking.

  • PM

    HeadHunters TV

    Hometown Throwdown (2017)

    There's nothing better than being in your home state for the annual family and friends deer camp. Randy is back home hunting in his home state of Missouri.

  • :30 PM

    Michael Waddell's Bone Collector

    Booger Bottom (2017)

    The entire 2016 deer season of Booger Bottom Georgia packed into one 30 minute episode!

  • PM


    Swamp People, Southern Boyz and Swine (2017)

    Bruce Mitchell and friends Kinion and Paul head to east Texas for hogs… LOTS of hogs. Join these three Cajun companions in their competition for the most hogs, largest catfish and in true Southern Boyz fashion, CRAWFISH!

  • :30 PM

    Primos TRUTH About Hunting

    Second Chances (2017)

    Will and Jimmy are competing against each other for a split-browed 14 pointer. This giant has a stroke of good luck, but not for long!

  • PM

    Inside Outdoors TV

    Rain Or Shine Gobblers (2017)

    Tim and Dave head to Kansas to chase longbeards. The weather doesn't keep the guys inside when the birds are working.

  • :30 PM

    Flesh & Blood, Hank Parker's

    Midwestern Hunts (2017)

    Hank Parker and Billy 'Catfish' Parker hunt two of the greatest big buck states, Iowa and Ohio.

  • Mossy Oak Tuesday Night Pursuits 8 PM to 12 AM

  • PM

    Chris Brackett's Fear No Evil presented by Mossy Oak

    Brackett Bootcamp (2017)

    What would happen if a master bow hunter took two rookies on a remote hunt bowhunt Black bears? Chris Brackett puts his lawyer and business partner through a crash course of Brackett Bootcamp, will they sink or swim, will the lawyer sue Chris or cry?

  • :30 PM

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild

    Ted and Shemane Hunt the High Tech Ranch

    Join Shemane and Ted as they hunt the High Tech Ranch in Michigan for huge whitetail bucks.

  • PM

    Mossy Oak's Hunting the Country

    First Elk Fever, Part 1 (2017)

    Live the passion and excitement of a first encounter with a bugling bull elk as two young men head into the hills of Utah on a quest they'd dreamed of since childhood.

  • :30 PM

    Driven with Pat & Nicole

    The Old SwicherRoo (2017)

    Driven's Muddy ProCAMS are hot in Minnesota. Pat and Andrew just returned from Saskatchewan and are itching to get back in the tree. It's opening gun season and Pat has a bit of a surprise planned.

  • PM

    Drury's THIRTEEN

    The Party Ends. Phase Nine. (2017)

    The party's over. Or is it? Mark Drury finds himself looking down the barrel of a Winchester at a Missouri monster he encountered back in phase one. All while Terry Drury continues his never-ending mission of herd management.

  • :30 PM

    Dream Season The Journey

    Deck the Halls (2017)

    The Holiday Season Leg begins with a holiday themed competition, and plenty of big, mature bucks.

  • PM

    Under Wild Skies

    The Makris R8 is Born (2017)

    Tony Makris travels to Isny, Germany, home of Blaser Rifles to design a custom Safari rifle. Makris takes it to the Timbavati Game Reserve and takes a nice Cape buffalo with Professional Hunter, Jacques Hartzenburg.

  • :30 PM

    Shawn Michaels' MacMillan River Adventures

    Roles Reversed (2017)

    Camera man Josh Ishmail get his chance at a Yukon moose with a Bow.