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    Johnny Morris' Wonders of Wildlife (2017)

    After over a decade of construction, Johnny Morris's Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium holds its grand opening gala event.

  • AM

    Survival Science

    Sniper Attack (2017)

    In addition to marksmanship and long range shooting, military snipers are trained in a variety of skills: detection, stalking, infiltration and target acquisition. Bottom line, there's a ton of cool shooting and science for Nick and Laura to explore!

  • :30 AM

    Gold Fever

    Rock Crusher (2017)

    Tom and Kia bring a portable rock crusher to a hot spot in the Superstition Mountains of AZ, hoping to crush quartz and rocks in search of gold.

  • AM

    Wardens presented by Streamlight

    Watching Walleye (2017)

    In District 6, the walleye opener is one of the busiest weekends of the year. A 10 officer patrol works the weekend making sure everyone is safe and obeying the law.

  • :30 AM

    Western Extreme

    G Bar T Elk (2017)

    Join host Jim Burnworth as he hunts the majestic G Bar T Ranch in Montana after bulging bull elk.

  • AM

    Flying Wild Alaska

    Tundra Taxis (2011)

    In Bethel, construction crews race to finish Era's newest hanger before the unforgiving winter snows arrive. But when Jim flies in to inspect the progress, he is far from happy. In Unk, fierce crosswinds blow John Ponts' tiny 207 all over the sky.

  • AM

    Jim Shockey's UNCHARTED

    Best Of (2017)

    Jim reflects on his best adventures from Season 4.

  • AM

    True Magnum TV

    Where in the Heck is Myanmar? (2017)

    Bo Morgan investigates Myanmar species while visiting in hopes of opening hunting that will displace the black market wildlife trade. James Brion trails two days through the Stone Mountain area to arrive at the winter home of the Moose Master.

  • :30 AM

    Ram Outdoorsman

    Close to Heaven (2017)

    After learning that he has terminal cancer, Tom Behunin chooses to spend his last days doing what he loves. Tom and friend Shane Jones journey to the majestic landscape of Newfoundland for a courageous and unforgettable moose hunt.

  • AM

    Trev Gowdy's Monster Fish

    Texas Bass - Part 2 (2017)

    Major League Fishing Pro and big bass fisherman, Kelly Jordan, joins the series as host and hunts down largemouth bass on Lake Fork, Texas. Jordan shows the best lures and tactics to catch these monster-sized bass.

  • :30 AM

    Alaska Outdoors Television

    Northern Pike (2017)

    Explore Interior Alaska for northern pike.

  • AM

    Western Extreme

    G Bar T Elk (2017)

    Join host Jim Burnworth as he hunts the majestic G Bar T Ranch in Montana after bulging bull elk.

  • :30 AM

    Deadliest Hunts

    The Captain's Call (2017)

    Retired Army Captain Troy Givens and friend Dan Harrison are on a do-it-yourself hunt for black bear on Alaska's Kuiu Island. To get a chance to take a clean shot, Troy must wade through 100 yards of thick mud.

  • AM

    Outdoor America, Excalibur's

    Mitten State Adventures (2017)

    Exploring the outdoor opportunities for the whole family in Michigan.

  • :30 AM

    Heartland Bowhunter

    M-10 (2017)

    Rex's farm management takes up the majority of his year. He has watched a buck called 'M-10' reach full maturity of 5.5 years old. Cold Weather and standing food are the perfect recipe to get him on his feet in daylight.

  • AM

    The Choice with Ralph & Vicki

    The Most Moose Anywhere in Newfoundland! (2017)

    Newfoundland with Bob Efford's hunting and Vicki and Ralph are up to the challenge. Once again warm weather, winds and not great conditions to get the moose moving will this duo make it happen.

  • :30 AM

    Red Arrow

    Iowa Bucks Part 1 (2017)

    Kip heads to Iowa on a hot streak, on a mission to make it three hunts and three bucks on this Midwest hunting trip!

  • AM

    Dirt Trax Television

    Destination Virginia

    AJ heads down to the State of Virginia and partakes in some great riding with some off-road contest winners / TEST RIDE: Polaris RZR XP Turbo Dynamix

  • :30 AM

    Addicted to the Outdoors

    Release the Hounds (2017)

    Jon and Gina travel to good buddy Stephen West's Bar Fork ranch in South Texas with friend, Dan Henderson, to try and get him his first whitetail, with a bow.

  • AM

    RMEF Team Elk

    Instant Elk Hunter (2017)

    Team Elk member Kristy Titus takes Browning Ammunition's Erin Cox on her first elk hunt in Colorado. Cox is instantly hooked.

  • :30 AM

    Bow Madness

    Killing It In the Kitchen (2017)

    The Drury team harvests whitetail deer and turkey and then share their favorite wild game recipes.

  • PM

    Legends Of The Fall

    Late Season Texas Whitetails (2017)

    Bonnie and Mike spend the late season at home in Texas as they hunt their hit list bucks.

  • :30 PM

    Realtree Outdoors

    Texas Whitetails (2017)

    David Blanton hunts the lone star state with friend Sam Shackelford.

  • PM

    Raised Hunting

    The Holder's (2017)

    Raised at Full Draw and Raised Hunting began years before a family realized God had placed them on a path with a specific purpose. A family dedicates their lives to saving and promoting, the very essence of what has kept them grounded (hunting).

  • :30 PM

    The One

    Legacy (2017)

    Mike's son wants to go hunting and has been asking non-stop for months. Mike told him when he is shooting good enough to go then he can go. After some practicing with uncle Randy and Mike's dad (big Mike) he is ready to prove to dad he can do it!

  • PM

    ScentBlocker Most Wanted

    North Country Black Bear (2017)

    The crew hunts the autumn black bear season with our neighbors to the north.

  • :30 PM

    Steve's Outdoor Adventures TV

    The Grizzly (2017)

    Steve West hunts coastal British Columbia with his CVA muzzleloader in search of the largest grizzly ever killed with a muzzleloader. The pursues a coastal black bear with his Bergara rifle.

  • Scent Killer Trophy Tuesdays Presented by Wildlife Research Center 3 PM to 7 PM

  • PM

    Shooting USA

    The Iron Sights Nationals (2017)

    This time, high-capacity guns and handguns direct from the factory compete at the Iron Sights Nationals. It's the top competitors in the Limited Division and the Production Division shooting for national titles in USPSA competition.

  • PM

    Cabela's American Archer

    A Day with the Coach (2017)

    Tom Nelson and Mike Lifford correct and critique Toms shooting style. Lots of tips on form and technique.

  • :30 PM

    Territories Wild with Tom Miranda presented by Mathews

    Namibian Secret (2017)

    Join adventure bowhunter Tom Miranda as he travels to Namibia in pursuit of the Damara Dik-Dik. This tiny antelope is only found in a small area of Northern Namibia and Southern Angola. Springbok are also hunted.

  • PM

    HeadHunters TV

    Divide and Conquer (2017)

    Randy Birdsong and producer Stephen Phillips head to Illinois for the 2nd shotgun season. Randy will be hunting with longtime friend Jason Bosaw while Stephen 'Scooba' Phillips heads to Campbell Illinois Whitetails.

  • :30 PM

    Michael Waddell's Bone Collector

    Florida Turkey (2017)

    Michael Waddell and Rhett Akins are chasing Osceola turkey's down in South Florida!

  • PM


    Couple's Therapy (2017)

    A couple that hunts together, stays together! Join THTV pro staff Josh Leininger and his wife Cassie as they pursue a trophy bull elk at Cielo Vista Ranch in Colorado.

  • :30 PM

    Primos TRUTH About Hunting

    Early Christmas (2017)

    Will is covered up by late December bucks on an all day sit, and Brad gets an early Cottonmouth Christmas present!

  • PM

    Inside Outdoors TV

    4 State Turkeys (2017)

    Droppin' turkeys in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Virginia.

  • :30 PM

    Flesh & Blood, Hank Parker's

    A Day to Remember (2017)

    Hank Parker and friend Keith Kelly hunt for big bruiser bucks in Canada with Harley Nault.

  • Mossy Oak Tuesday Night Pursuits 8 PM to 12 AM

  • PM

    L.L.Bean Guide to the Outdoors

    Black Bear Bonanza (2017)

    Bill is joined this week by fellow L.L. Bean associate Matt Bickford. Their mission, take two bears. Oh, and STAY ALIVE!

  • :30 PM

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild

    Big Easy Aoudad (2017)

    Join Ted for ducks, aoudad and whitetail at one of the nicest ranches in Texas, The Big Easy.

  • PM

    Mossy Oak's Hunting the Country

    Dog Days (2017)

    Life is enriched by the friends we follow afield, even more so when they're the best friends man can have. Point quail and retrieve ducks alongside some of the best-bred and trained British Labs on the planet.

  • :30 PM

    Driven with Pat & Nicole

    Are You Serious (2017)

    Pat is heading up to Alberta to hopefully break his whitetail curse and punch his tag. His previous years in Alberta have been good to him. Wish him luck!

  • PM

    Drury's THIRTEEN

    Send a Front This Way. Phase Eleven. (2017)

    There will be no wait for this front. Mark experiences rain and cool temperatures in Texas, resulting in the harvest of the largest buck on the ranch. Terry Drury struggles on his Missouri farm, and special guest Tom Gallagher joins in the action.

  • :30 PM

    Dream Season The Journey

    It's about Having Fun (2017)

    A seasoned young hunter returns to Dream Season, and a cast member harvests his biggest buck ever.

  • PM

    Under Wild Skies

    Welcome to Rovos Rail (2017)

    Tony Makris climbs aboard the Rovos Rail for a train adventure through the South Africa. Makris enjoys life aboard what is considered the most luxurious train in the world, but at the train stops, the group enjoys world class wingshooting as well.

  • :30 PM

    Shawn Michaels' MacMillan River Adventures

    The Florida Gators (2017)

    How about some gator action?