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    Is Gun-Free Really Danger Free?

    Outdoor Channel is debuting its inaugural documentary film, “Safe Haven: Gun-Free Zones in America”, on Wednesday, April 1. The hour-long original documentary, which is hosted by Katie Pavlich, brings audiences to the center of the controversy regarding gun-free zones in America. Read More

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    Spring Perennial Powerhouses for Deer

    With deer seasons long behind and months before most will be thinking about full-racked, velvet bucks, it's difficult to picture big deer unless you are picking up a shed. Read More

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    The Three Turkey Seasons

    A lot of turkeys are tagged during the first week of the spring season. A lot of turkeys aren't. Never give up until you have no days left to hunt. Read More

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Bows, Beards and Springtime Shrinks

As if hunting spring turkeys with a shotgun weren't already hard enough — sometimes I swear these birds are partly demonic in the way they torment my hunter's soul. Read More


March Muskie Madness

For some anglers, March also means Muskie Madness, an obsession among fanatics who tolerate the winter months waiting for their version of the Big Dance. Read More


Kids & Clays Expands Sporting Clay Event Sites

The Kids & Clays Foundation, which supports a national series of sporting clay events with all proceeds benefitting Ronald McDonald House Charities, is pleased to announce it has added five new event sites for 2015. Read More


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