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Hula Popper and the Big Bass

Though he went for mostly for food, not sport, dad was a reasonably serious fisherman, from my perspective. I have vague memories of some of the stories dad told about the big fish he had caught, either with hook and line, or his bare hands. Read More

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Eva Shockey Arrows Huge Saskatchewan Buck

On Monday evening, as millions of people across North America were getting ready to watch one of the year's biggest Monday Night Football games, Eva Shockey had other things on her mind. Read More


Tips to Catching Big Muskies in the Fall

The fall is a magical time to catch trophy muskies. Check out these tips and techniques to help you land that muskie of a lifetime! Read More


Performance Center® By Smith & Wesson® Introduces New M&P® Ported Pistols

Smith & Wesson Corp. announced today that the master gunsmiths of its renowned Performance Center® have added four new competition-ready models to the ... Read More


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