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    Tactical Solutions Goes Zebra

    This week, Michael talks about his journey through .22 rimfire firearms such as the amazing Tac-Sol “Zebra” X-Ring Rifle. Read More

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    Acing Outdoor Survival

    This week on "The Revolution," Jim & Trav and a panel of elite pros, will examine in-the-field survival practices that will aid you in a crisis – such as finding clean water, creating sufficient shelter, starting a fire with a guitar pick, selecting the proper off-road transportation, and more. Read More

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    Rimfire Pistols

    This week, Michael continues his journey through rimfire firearms and this time it's all about pistols. The featured guns are all part of upcoming projects on MOTV. Read More


Whitetails 101

This week our panel of whitetail pros are here to help. Standing by will be: Chris Brackett host of “Fear No Evil”, Kandi Kisky of “Whitetail Freaks” and Jeff Lindsey of “The Lindsey Way.” Read More