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Spring Turkey: A Time to Think

There are probably a couple of dozen reasons that I go turkey hunting each spring. It's hard to say which is most important – morning's first light, the sound of the birds waking up – but they're all special to me. Read More

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Teriyaki Marinade for Turkey (Recipe)

This is an old way of making a teriyaki sauce with honey instead of sugar, giving it a more pleasing sweetness. You may also use it as a dipping sauce. Read More


Catch What's Biting

When I was young, I often fished with my Uncle Julius. Each time we went, I always asked, “What are we going to fish for?” My uncle's answer was always the same: “We'll catch what's biting.” Read More


Barebones GLOCK 43, Time to Accessorize

If you were one of the lucky ones to grab the new GLOCK 43 – a compact slimline single-stack 9mm – before everyone else, then you may be looking for some after-market add-ons and accessories. Read More


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